New in Town

Posted: 09/14/2010 in films
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It speaks volumes to the state of my life that I was excited to discovered that ‘New in Town’ was available through Netflix Instant. A new chick flick – praise the gods and pass the ambrosia. Who cares if it is any good, it’s a fairly recent movie and given that I am currently giving movie theaters a wide berth (combo of cash flow and risk of bed bugs *shudder*) I’ll take anything. Plus, I am trying to give my day structure (till I get my course materials and classics takes over once again) and I find myself getting restless around 5pm to Alex getting home and a little Netflix Instant action fills the void.

‘New in Town’ wasn’t that bad though fairly cliched and the tapioca subplot was a little heavy handed. City girl (Renee Zellweger – a successful Bridget Jones if you will) is relocated to small town America to downsize the local factory. She doesn’t understand their ways but they know how to make darn good tapioca, and eventually she finds love (Harry Connick Jr.) and renounces her big city ways.

What I really want to watch is ‘Let The Right One In’ but I am too scaredy cat, and I am not sure if I can convince Alex to sit through Swedish vampire movie. Maybe I’ll try today or tuck into Nip/Tuck.


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