“Why is it that whoever’s got the smallest part is the one who brings in the cakes to rehersal?” Fitz from The Habbit of Art by Alan Bennett

Posted: 08/17/2010 in Navel gazing
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I do not like to think of myself as a quitter yet that is exactly what I did three weeks ago. Not quite with the flair of airline guy or faux whiteboard girl (though had I been so inclined I think I could have given “Jenny” a run for her slash dot notoriety) just the usual two weeks notice and then slinking off quietly hoping that after five years I’d have left some type of mark other than adult on-set diabetes from all my baked goods.

So now I find myself unexpectedly unemployed. There is uncertainty but there is also regaining control and creativity. In the past week I’ve seen three films, started gutting the flat, baked Star Wars cookies, and had many lunches and coffees with friends.  Soon I’ll start applying for part-time jobs and fingers crossed something will turn up. I’ve decided that part-time is the way forward given that this is my last year of my BA in Classical Studies, and I’m taking three courses which means I need to have the flexibility to prioritize them above everything else.

Exciting times ahead.


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