Event Horizon

Posted: 07/08/2010 in out & about
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During the long weekend we ate near the Flat Iron building, and that gave me an opportunity to re-visit Antony Gormley’s Event Horizon installation this time with camera.  I am fairly picky when it comes to art (Greco-Roman is my thing with a few modern artists like Grant Wood thrown into the mix) but I have weakness when it comes to street art. Be it triumphal arches, statues, graffiti or painted apples, pigs, cows or elephants dotted about the city I can’t get enough. I absolutely love Event Horizon. The eerie lone figures dotted about on roof tops remind me of the many sci-fi films I’ve watched – where the hero stands on the roof top to assess the destruction.

My photos are up on Flickr but here are a few to set the mood:


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