Hard Reset

Posted: 05/18/2010 in Navel gazing, Uncategorized
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I feel like I am one of only two people (the other being my mum) who thoroughly enjoyed the volcanic eruption.  It gave me breathing space, my meals were cooked for me, my tiny capsule wardrobe washed and ironed, and plenty of time to revise the affects of another volcanic eruption (Pompeii!). It was a real treat to be home for a whole month (I haven’t spent that much time in the UK since January 2005). To spend all those nights drinking tea and watching TV with my mum. To be able to bake for her (and the stranded people in our London office), to “let her” drive me to Starbucks to buy multiple flat whites to sustain me through my revision, and of course  drag her to the cinema and theatre. I am such a good daughter – I do hope I get the larger half of the house in my mum’s will.

Being out of my bubble helped me make some decisions about what I hope to get out of the rest of 2010. It is always nice to make decision, and it is nice to be back sleeping in my own bed after a month on an air matress.


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