Argh – EXAMS!

Posted: 05/07/2010 in Navel gazing, Uncategorized
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It’s all quiet on the blogging front at the moment as I hunker down to some serious exam revision. My first exam is on Monday and though it makes me feel like a wobbly jelly I am quite excited. In a week’s time it will all be over (for another year at least) and then I can get back to life, and blogging about life. I have many posts bubbling away – films, theatre, why I left FaceBook and most exciting of all that I have the seedling of an idea for a novel (my summer project).

This time next week I will be on a train heading up the east coast to Scotland so will have plenty of time for reflection and there is a rumor of free wifi on the train…

  1. bokker says:

    Good luck with your exams! And remember, Manchester is on the way to Scotland….Leila has much to say about brothels in Pompeii, she could help with your revision.

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