Well here I am, London

Posted: 04/25/2010 in Navel gazing, Uncategorized
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It’s been an odd week fueled by exam tension, second guessing, PMT and VAD (volcanic ash drama).   On Monday the situation looked particularly bleak so I decided to take myself out of the equation and not try to get back to NYC since I was meant to be flying to London on the 28th any way.  This of course led to a lot of second guessing and when almost everyone I knew who was stranded managed to fly back on Wednesday I had a real ‘doh’ moment. But you know what – I made the right call. Sure I’ve had to buy a load of replacement text books, and some clothes as I had only packed a very limited wardrobe for my 5 day sojourn. But, I won’t have to get over jet lag twice and it’s been fun working out of the London office.

Now I only have 3 days left to work before my exam leave starts, and I am feeling way less stressed than I normally do on these occasions.  Yes, I am daunted my the sheer amount of knowledge I need to cram in my head but at least I don’t have to schlep back and forwards across the Atlantic, and stress that the volcanic ash is going to drift to NYC and stop me from sitting my exams.


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