Tower Bridge

Posted: 04/25/2010 in travel, Uncategorized
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Today was the Virgin London Marathon, and I had to head into town to collect some Pompeii photocopies that a friend had kindly got her husband to bring across as he was coming to run. When I decided to stay the first panic was what about my stack of Pompeii images that I had carefully printed and photocopied over the last few weeks as an intergral part of my revision. You see my Pompeii exam has a gobbet question and there are all these images of wall painting, building plans, statues and photos that I need to memorize.  Okay, my first panic was that I wasn’t going to see Alex till May 16th, and my second panic was my stack of photocopies. Today I was reunited with my papers, and now I just need to annotate and memorize. Oh the joy!

I ended up having a bit of time to kill so I had a stroll around Tower Bridge, and took a few snaps:

The weather was fairly overcast and I only have my iPhone but I think they came out well. (Obviously not as nice as a shiny new GTI.)


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