Posted: 04/17/2010 in Navel gazing, travel
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I am currently trapped in London along with a fair number of my colleagues (and everyone else trying to depart this fair isle). I guess when the powers that be decided to schedule vision days they didn’t see as far as Iceland. A volcano goes poof in Iceland and the aviation industry grinds to a halt. Is this chaos theory or simple cause and effect? Honestly I think this is all being staged by meteorologists as part of their plan towards world domination. The last year was dominated by economics and economics, and this year it is the turn of weather and meteorologists (note- not weather-persons from the telly).

It’s a pretty surreal situation to be in. I see no ash yet it is there. Dancing in the atmosphere and keeping me from going home. But at least I can stay with my mum so I don’t have to worry about hotels though I would like to get home so I can spend some time with Alex before I go on exam leave in… wait for it… London!


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