Greenwich Park

Posted: 04/17/2010 in travel
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Forgive the random photo at the end of my last post as I am still trying to get to grips with the WordPress app on my iPad. After being cooped up in meetings for what felt like days I really needed lots of fresh air and a good walk. So today mum and I headed to Greenwich Park for a wander around and a spot of lunch by the river. I’ve only got my old iPhone with me acting as life line to the outside world and camera but I downloaded this cool photo app called Hipstamic and it really jazzes up your photos.

My family moved to London when I was 8 or 9 and we lived 10 minutes from the best park in the whole of London – Greenwich Park. There are deer, flower gardens, old trees that Elizabeth the 1st played in, and plenty of spaces for having fun. There are also the most amazing views of London. From the hill at the top of the park you can see the Thames meander around the Docklands and beyond, the Maritime Museum and the Naval College (as was).

  1. krg2 says:

    Do not blame nor anger the iPad!

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