Perseus 101

Posted: 04/03/2010 in classics, film
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Perseus statue, Florence

I am going to watch Clash of the Titans this evening, and I thought I’d better brush up on the mythology:

– Perseus was conceived when Zeus visited his mother, Danae, in the form of a shower of gold. (Probably worth pointing out that at the time his mother was being “rained” on she’d been locked in a room by her father (Acrisius) because there was the usual prophecy making the rounds that he would be killed by his future grandson.)

– Thankfully Perseus was not left to grow-up in the locked room (a la Flowers in the Attic) but instead his grandfather, upon discovering that he was a grandfather, set Perseus and his mother a drift at sea in a chest.  I am assuming he was trying to drown them without actually drowning them, rather like Oedipus being pinned to the hillside to die of exposure by his father who had had a similar prophecy, but his plan was foiled as they were rescued by a fisherman, Dictys, and Perseus grew up on he island of Seriphus

– Perseus’ mother is a MILTF, and catches the eye of the local king, Polydectes. Polydectes decides he needs to get, the now grown-up Perseus, out of the way and sends him off to his “certain death” by requesting that he get the head of Medusa. This is where Perseus’ adventures really kick off, and with the help of his step-siblings Athena and Hermes he is able to achieve his goal. On his way back home he rescues his future wife, Andromeda, from a sea monster and goes on to kick some ass in Seriphus before accidentally killing his grandfather

I know it’s got dodgy reviews but it just has to be better than Avatar…


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