Posted: 02/28/2010 in Navel gazing
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On Friday we moved into our new apartment, and all went well apart from the snow storm. Yes, a fraking snow storm.  Given that over a foot of snow fell our movers were absolute champs.  I made sure that there was coffee and donuts waiting for them when they got here, and in the end they were only delayed by 30 mins.  They worked their socks off and moved us in 5 hours, and that was about as long as it took me to clean the old flat. It had been a fraught week leading up to the move, and there were points where I wondered if it was worth all the hassle. Did we really need to move into a nicer, cheaper apartment? Did we really need a bed? Since it was proving a challenge to dismantle. Why not leave the old one behind and just bring the mattress.  And late at night when you can’t find the magic IKEA tool that option looks really appealling.

Then there was that “Oh, frak” moment when I got to the new apartment to discover that it was about to burst at the seems with boxes and furniture. It is slightly smaller than our last place, and whilst the bathroom and bedroom are HUGE the living room is snug.  I hate being around boxes, and the longer you leave them unpacked the higher the likelihood that they will remain that way. We’ve worked solidly over the last few days and are now 95% unpacked which I think is pretty good going.  Hell, I’ve even baked banana choc-chip muffins, a quiche and pear bread.  And, now I can finally get on to answering some seminar questions.


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