Posted: 01/18/2010 in Navel gazing
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I am sat in bed with Benadryl smeared all over my eye lids, and I am thankful that tomorrow is a public holiday so I can wallow in the privacy of my own home. I appear to be having an allergic reaction to some generic make-up removing wipes I used earlier (note to self – don’t skimp on ANYTHING that touches skin). Who knew that your eye lids could swell up so much that they turn you into a Fringe style freak of the week. Yes, it really helped that we watched the latest episode of Fringe which featured people with facial deformities caused by military experiments.  The swelling is going down but I am still little miss puffy and I am hoping when I wake up the worse will be behind me.

PS. Is Benadryl meant to burn (at first) when you apply it?


I am not sure if the Benadryl had any real effect but when I woke up this morning the swelling had gone down. What I’ve found most effective is damp teabag therapy. It reduced the puffiness and gave me some relief (v uncomfortable to blink with thick eyelids). The only downside is that it leaves a stain and I was walking around the apartment like a pirate as I could only apply one bag at a time because it is physically impossible for me to not potter about (so being immobile on the couch wasn’t an option).  What’s really weird is that some of the swelling dropped down to my cheekbone and the general puffiness really brings out the lines under my eyes. Ugh.

  1. BookishlyFab says:

    Ugh, I’m glad the puffiness is going down!

  2. Me too! At least I didn’t have to wear sun glasses into the office.

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