Flowers or data backup?

Posted: 01/06/2010 in Navel gazing, Uncategorized
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Whenever I am involved in a discussion about flowers I always like to bring up an anecdote from my wedding. When Alex paid the bill for the flowers he indicated that since he had cough up the dough for three bouquets, several button holes and five table centerpieces (around GBP 600) that these flowers would be lasting me a long time, and seven years on he has almost stayed true to that promise (there was a relapse three or four years ago when he bought me flowers for Valentines). But then again he is the person that, three years ago, told me that since we were having to move out of our furnished sublet a month before Valentines that he’d have to spend the money he had been saving to buy me some jewelry on furniture.  I just loved that he told. I went from having absolutely no expectations of receiving anything to almost having some jewelery to it morphing into Ikea furniture.

Back to the flowers, so I think some people feel sorry for me because Alex hasn’t bought into the whole “flower” racket but as I like to point out he does regularly back-up my computer(s), makes sure that I have cool apps on my iPhone and that we have a perfectly balanced surround sound with our home cinema. Why is buying flowers seen as a more romantic gesture than backing up your partners data so that (s)he will never me in a position where (s)he has to rely on SpinRite (I should not even know what SpinRite is where it not for the SecurityNow podcast brainwashing that goes on in our apartment)?

Anyone can buy flowers but only a true romantic would surprise his wife by installing extra memory in her iMac so she can kept as many FireFox tabs open as her heart desires.

  1. bokker says:

    Oh it’s totally romantic! Flowers are nice and all, but there’s a unique way to every person’s heart, and finding it is very important in a relationship.
    For example: personally, I find mornings rather traumatic, and I’d rather have a cup of tea and a gentle wake-up in bed every morning, than a single red rose every day (the latter being something that Becks does for Posh, if their marketing is to be believed!)

  2. BookishlyFab says:

    My husband almost always does the dishes, and I prefer that to flowers any day. I absolutely love cooking and absolutely hate doing dishes. Even when I dirty up the kitchen just to make my own lunch or dinner, he tends to clean it up. He also starts up my car on cold mornings so it will be warm for me and scrapes the frost off the windshield. That is true love.

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