fairy lights

Posted: 12/30/2009 in Navel gazing
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One of the many things I love about living over here is how people let loose and decorate the outside of their houses as someone else was paying their electric bill. In the midsts of a bleak mid-winter gale it lifts the spirits to come across a blinged out house like this. You can’t really tell from my iPhone photo but they even hung supersized baubles from the branches!

  1. BookishlyFab says:

    There is a house in my neighborhood where you can tune your radio to a certain frequency, and their lights are choreographed to the music. I’m glad I don’t live next to them, but it’s fun to look at, and they collect food for the FoodBank in bins in their front yard.

  2. Nice! But, I don’t think I’d like to live next to them either. The ringing bells of the Salvation Army is grating enough.

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