Boxing Day +2

Posted: 12/28/2009 in Navel gazing
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I am sat on a Long Island RailRoad train speeding it’s way to somewhere in Long Island. Not too sure where as we are visiting one of Alex’s friends. I stress the “Alex” part as my friends generally have the good sense to stop at Queens. But I am sure we will have a nice time once the pain in my side dissipates (someone made me run for the train and I am wearing my heavy NorthFace coat!).

Today is the last lazy day of my Christmas holidays as I will need to get back to studying tomorrow and make the most of my remaining days till I return to work on Jan 4th. Though the last few days haven’t been that lazy. I’ve baked my heart out for all the friends we’ve seen (today is no different as I have banana bread in my bag), caught up on TV, read a non-school book that isn’t Entertainment Weekly and been round 4 apartment buildings. Studying for a few days sounds really restful in comparison.


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