The last week and a bit have been a complete social whirl. So much so that for my birthday I have requested that we stay in and Alex’s cooks. Alex cooking for me is a HUGE treat and almost worthy of being my actual birthday present. The thought of coming home on Wednesday to Nigella’s Rudolph pie bubbling away in the oven is too much. Let’s hope he tweets as he chops so I can follow along!

Things kicked off a week Saturday when we went out to Barbuto with a group of friends for Alex’s birthday. We had reserved the chef’s table in the kitchen and it was amazing. You got to eat family style and pretty much tasted everything from their fresh and seasonal menu (the gnocchi and pumpkin was out of this world). Jonathan Waxman was lurking in the kitchen, and it was so much better than anything on Food Network. The kitchen ran seamlessy and I kept thinking there must be a second kitchen hidden in the basement because without so much as a raised voice food was pouring out of the kitchen to the hungry dinners. Sunday was Alex’s last commute to Atlanta in ’09 and I of course decided to celebrate that by taking myself off to see the Globe theatre’s touring production of Love’s Labour’s Lost.  It’s one of Shakespeare’s comedies that I am less familiar with, and it was bawdy production.  According to the play bill Lizzy I ordered a comedy for Christmas and this was what she got (Elizabethan style pay-per-view telly).  Even though it’s subject matter wasn’t festive it got me in the mood for Christmas hols.

Last week was a blur of yoga classes, work holiday parties and a free lunch. Yes – a free lunch from my friends at Cosi. Apparently, when you drop your business card into their ‘Win lunch for your office’ there is totally the possibility that you might actually win lunch for your office because that’s what happened to me! It was so cool to be able to treat my peeps in the office to kick-ass sandwiches and salads (and chips and cookies). And now we get to Saturday where for a pre-birthday treat I once again took myself off to the theatre. This time to see A Streetcar Named Desire at BAM. The cast did an excellent job, and Cate Blanchett, Joel Edgerton and Robin McLeavy worked hard to throw off the shadows of Leigh, Brando and Hunter.  Then after that I met up with Alex to go see Avatar (review to come).

Phew! I have 2 1/2 days left in the office and the Christmas break cannot come fast enough.


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