lazy days in the run up to Christmas

Posted: 12/06/2009 in eating out, food, Navel gazing
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I had an amazing time when my mum was over, and it was sad seeing her go but I’ve had a lovely lazy weekend which was just the tonic.  Plus, mum now gets to spend Christmas with my brother and his fiance in their new house. Wins all round I think since Thanksgiving is a much less fraught holiday.

It was lovely just mooching about the flat, doing laundry and putting together our 2010 calendar. The calendar has become one of our traditions. It’s fun sitting down and going through all our photos trying to put them together in groupings.  We also ate out at a really good new Indian restaurant (Spirit of Laxmi) that has open near us. It was worth the trip out even in the horrid sludgy snow that was falling on Saturday night.  I guess winter has come to the East Coast and it is time to break out the hot water bottle.


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