MI:5 Slash Spooks

Posted: 11/18/2009 in television
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I got all excited when I saw that season 6 of MI:5 (or Spooks as it is known in the UK) was available through Netflix but two discs in and I am in yawnsville. This is season is so dull not even the edible Rupert Penry Jones can hold my interest.  It looks as if trying to weave one plot thread through the whole season but I just don’t CARE. There is a Brit actor pretending to be a CIA agent with the worst US accent ever and he is too pale for an American. Something about Iran. Ros joining a covert agency to spy on the covert agency she works for, and Adam is sleeping with everyone (and his son appears to have been erased from history).

The only reason I am plowing through it is that I want to be able to watch season 7 which has Richard Armitage (Guy of Gisborne from Robin Hood) as a recently released spy who spent a few years working on his Russian . Hello Cold War, Regan economics and legwarmers – the 80s are back baby!



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