Nice Things To Say About Stargate Universe

Posted: 11/09/2009 in Navel gazing, pop culture
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Things are tough for Stargate Universe. It’s not dark enough to fill the void left by Battlestar Galactica, too slow paced for normal Stargate fans and even reviews of V are slagging off SG:U.  I ran across an article that said the cast and crew were upset by the poor reviews so I decided to do my bit to cheer them up with five nice things that I have to say about SG:U. And, I will not refer to it as Stargate: Voyager once!

  1. The cast make great wallpaper. In my post BSG world I needed new wall paper for my work PC, and since there wasn’t any for Caprica (yet) I decided to go with SG:U. A light sprinkling of Syfy in my working environment really lifts my days as a corporate slave
  2. I am not going to deny that the show is slow to find its feet but last week’s episode “Earth” was pretty darn good.  The tensions between Col. Young and command back on Earth really came to a head. Young is almost the benevolent dictator who wants to run things by his “crew” especially when it is a fool hardy way to bring them home. Plus Col. Young’s wife is up to some twisted high jinx
  3. The “crew”.  I am hoping for some episodes that delve into what makes the “crew” tick as there is potential amongst the huddled masses
  4. The magic communication stones. I like that we are not just trapped on the ship but that there is a way to not only communicate with earth but also come for a visit
  5. And finally the morally ambivalent Dr. Rush, played by Robert Carlyle with an alarming restrained and manicured Scottish accent. Can we trust him? What is he really up too? And should I add Hamish MacBeth to my Netflix list
  1. Quite informative. Stargate has always been my favorite show. Awesome read.

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