So I should be drafting up answers for my Greek drama seminar but after the day I’ve had (breaking a website, loosing a button) I needed to unwind first, and what better way than by mulling over about this fall’s tv shows.

The schedule so far…

Mad Men: Lovin’ it! In the 3rd season all our favorite characters’ lives are spinning out of control & they just threw in the JFK assassination. (And I just spelt assassination correctly first time round!) I am storing up all the episodes on the DVR so my mum can blast her way through them when she comes over for Thanksgiving.

House: They got rid of Thirteen – woo hoo!!! And they cropped Hugh Laurie’s hair so they don’t have to creatively hide his bald spots. And we are getting lots of cute Odd Couple scenes since House is rooming with Watson. Just as long as they don’t drag out Chase’s guilt over bumping off Darth Vader then all will be well in Princeton Plainsboro.

Lie To Me: At the end of the day this is a so-so procedural crime show about body language (sorry mirco-expressions) that is lifted from mediocracy by Mr. Orange.  Last week’s show had lots of scenes in a warehouse and I found myself cringing as Mr. Orange didn’t come off too well the last time he was in a warehouse.

NCIS: It’s the pork pie of the TV schedule. In the UK millions of pork pies are sold but no one owns up to eating them, & that’s the same with NCIS.

The Good Wife: I watch this show and it makes me want to go to law school. It’s like LA Law all over again but with Christine Baranski.

Eastwick (Witches of): It’s light.  It’s fluffy.  It’s candy floss! Not sure how sustainable the ongoing mystery of who Daryl is is but everyone appears to be having fun hamming it up.

Supernatural: It’s criminal that more people aren’t watching this show. So far this season they are managing the right balance between stand alone episodes and the ones moving along the show’s mythology about apocalypse. We’ve not had too many episodes featuring Lucifer so we are still hungry for him but they could do with cutting back on Bobby. As much as I love Bobby, for maximum effect we need him in small doses but could do with more Cass.

Fringe: Like Supernatural they are balancing the monster of the week episodes with the ones that move on the mythology, and the big carrots of the show are Spock and Walter. We get tiny nibbles of Spock in the alternate world but we don’t know what he is up to, and Walter. Oh Walter we love his mad experiments & self medicating. Now we know that Peter is possibly alternate Peter all those scenes with Walter reminsing about Peter’s childhood are all the more poignant. My only complaint is because they moved filming the show to Vancouver they had to changed the Massive Dynamic building, so we no longer get the eerie shots of the building that Alex use to work in near WTC. Maybe Alex needs to get on a project in cylon occupied Vancouver.

FlashForward: I really want to like this show a lot but I’ve only watched two episodes so far. The rest are jamming up the DVR. May be this weekend we will tackle they and find out what Jack Davenport is up to.

Dollhouse: The most annoyingly inconsistent show that I am currently watching. I think there are two Josh Whedons. One is submissive and gives in to producing crappy stand alone episodes with Apollo as an arms dealer and Echo lactating.  The other Josh (“Uber Josh”) manages to whip up character driven episodes that move the mythology along so that it is more in line with ‘Epitaph One’.  The last episode about how Sierra ended up in the Dollhouse was well above average. Summer Glau is going to be doing some episodes and I am worried that unless they are “Uber Josh” epis she will be a wasted opportunity like Apollo.


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