Managing Artful Expectations

Posted: 10/24/2009 in classics

Friday night I dragged Alex to the Met for a tour with SAFE and it was really disappointing. So disappointing in fact that I had to take Alex for crepes afterwards as I felt guilty about subjecting him to it (flashbacks of the production of Julius Caesar we saw +4 years ago that I still feel bad about).  There were a few positive things that came out of it: going forward I will think more about the provenance of an item and after it had ended we had a look at the Roman wall paintings.

May be I was expecting too much but what I had been hoping to find out was more about the moral and academic issues associated with looted artifacts.  I would imagine that the loss of context is a huge issue.  A pot is just shaped dried clay unless you know where it was found, and then you can start to figure what it was used for and its relationship to adjacent objects.

Heigh ho you live and learn, and at least the consolation crepes were excellent.


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