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Posted: 10/13/2009 in television
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I’ve just set up season passes for The Good Wife and Eastwick. I know, I know – how the heck did that happen.  Well in the case of Eastwisk it’s Paul Gross. I can’t resist an ex-mountie no matter how lame a show he’s on. I much preferred his unkempt, bi-polar look from Slings & Arrows but will take him waxed and slightly buff on Eastwick. As you imagine Eastwick (as in The Witches of) is a TV version of the book slash film but minus the dark humor and Cher. Instead we get ABC light humor,  Rebecca Romijn as Cher, Lindsay Price as Susan Sarandon and Jaime Ray Newman as Michelle Pfeiffer. These chicks are not in the same league as their predecessors but it is entertaining fluff.

My taking a liking to The Good Wife was much more insidious. One moment it is a show with a bad title to be dismissed forever and the next it’s still a show with a crappy title but I am working my way through the on-demand episodes because it is way better than I expected. Julianna Margulies is the aforementioned ‘Good Wife’ who goes back to work as a lawyer after her husband (Chris Noth) is jailed following a political and sexual scandal.

Sounds lame right – Legally Blonde: The Cougar Years.

Well it’s not. Alicia, The Good Wife, has neither forgiven nor forgotten what her husband has got up to. She is presented as a pragmatic women making the best out of a situation that was not hers in the making. She has always put her family first and is doing so once again. I think that some part of her likes the fact that she is carving out a career for herself and that she has got rid of her husband for a bit. What I am trying to say is that Alicia is not your typical one dimensional scorned TV wife, and that is down to Julianna Margulies. (Somewhere between ER and Snakes On A Plane I’d forgotten just how good she is.)

It also doesn’t hurt that Margulies is surrounded by an excellent supporting cast: Cybill’s Maryann is the alpha female at the law firm, Chris Noth the jailbird husband and the wonderful Archie Panjabi as the in-house investigator. An appealing supporting cast is an important element and not something to be skimped on. I think one of the reasons I couldn’t be bothered with Castle is that as delightful as Nathan Fillion is the rest of the cast were as dull as ditch water.

  1. BookishlyFab says:

    I also gave Eastwick a season pass. It’s not going to win any Emmy Awards, but it’s entertaining. I’ve always enjoyed TV shows that take place in small towns with quirky characters, like my beloved cancelled Men in Trees. I expect Eastwick will be given a season or two and then will be cancelled like all the other shows I like tend to do.

  2. Tell me about it. I am still smarting about Life 😦

  3. kg says:

    we may have to have an intervention about this

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