Never Let Me Go

Posted: 10/08/2009 in films
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Earlier this week an invitation to attend a sneak preview of Never Let Me Go popped into my inbox. Given that I really enjoyed the book, and that it was showing at a movie theatre that was only a few blocks from work I took it as a sign that I should attend.  Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel looks at the issue (and ethics) of cloning but with a really light touch. So whilst I was lining up for the movie this evening  I tried to push aside my fears about how they would manage to adapt such a gentle book and not turn it into an art house version of The Island. As it turned out it was way more Gattaca than Michael Bay.

Never Let Me Go is set in a world where in the 50s a cure for cancer was discovered, and people are starting to live into their 100s. But, in order for all this to happen there is a need for a constant supply of organ donors and that is where the clones come in.  The story focuses in on three friends (clones), and follows them from their school days in early 1970s (in a spooky boarding school) to their lives in the 90s as ‘Donors’ and ‘Carers’. Like with Gattaca the science bit is pushed to one side, and it has a very stylized look. Though this one is straight from my childhood: chunky sweaters and bangs.

It’s an incredible thought provoking film, and as it unravels rather horrifying. Do you remember the key scene in One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest where Jack Nicholson fights back well that is what I was hoping all the way through. The clones don’t have free will, they are resigned to living out their days and that really wanted to make me scream.

I could tell that this film wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea at the screening but I really enjoyed it and scrawled that all over the questionnaire.


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