The economics of Robin Hood

Posted: 10/06/2009 in Navel gazing, pop culture, television, Uncategorized
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I’ve been watching a few episodes of the latest (and thankfully last) series of Robin Hood on BBC America, and apart from the appalling acting what has struck me is the faulty economics of the plots. Now bear with me as I know that the story lines are a pretty basic step and repeat of Robin Hood vs. Sheriff of Nottingham week after week, and as holey as a loose weave sweater but given that all the Sheriff wants is money (via taxes) you’d think his evil ploys would take that into consideration.

Example 1: Sheriff decides to sell all the able men in the surrounding villagers to the Irish. Okay so the Sheriff will be getting cash up front from the sale of the local peasantry but if all you are left with are women and children then how long is the local economy going to survive?

Example 2: Taxes go up (again) so the new tax collector goes around smashing the produce that would be sold to pay for the taxes.

Example 3: The Sheriff’s tax collector seizes business after business but doesn’t have the manpower to run them all. Surely better to keep the original owner in place so he is able to pay his TAXES!

I am thinking that I overdosed on Planet Money this morning and I see the economics of everything.


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