The Plan

Posted: 10/03/2009 in classics
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Not quite as exciting as Battlestar Galactica: The Plan which is released in a little under a month (yippee) but I am going to make libations to the gods for a productive weekend. The weekend kicked off with sushi at Blue Ribbon and then finishing the latest Alexander McCall Smith novel ‘The Lost Art of Gratitude” so that must mean that I’ll get through my back log of school work. Though how I can have a back log before the seminar time table is published is beyond me but there you go.

So my plan for the weekend:

  • Read chapter 9 in my Pompeii source book on excavation reports
  • Prep for Pompeii seminar on modern excavations at Pompeii & Herculaneum
  • Re-read, and make notes on The Persians and The Suppliants
  • One-pager on The Persians, and Suppliants

On top of this I have other errands to run like buying belly of pork so I can make a stew, tidying the apartment so I can think straight and going shoe shopping with Alex. Because a new project means new shoes. Okay it doesn’t mean that but his old ones are leaking and the rainy season is upon us.


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