Queen of Queens

Posted: 09/07/2006 in Daily Grumbling

In the past week  have spent that much time shuttling between Penn Station and Flushing Meadows that I might as well move to the outer borough.

I went to my first baseball game on Monday night, the New York Mets versus a team that was a little bit better than them. We had excellent box seats, courtesy of our friend’s boss, between home and first (I got the lingo down pat). It wasn’t a terribly exciting game, low scoring (the Mets lost 0 – 5) but there were patches of excitement. A couple of times all the bases were loaded, once a base got stolen, there was some bunting action and we saw someone propelling themselves along the ground to second. I was caught off guard by the bunting and even more so by the term. When my friend said "that’s bunting", I scanned the field for colourful flags decorating the Women’s Institute tent instead I see the ball being tapped towards the infielders. To the untrained eye a bunt looks like girly move, my friends reassure me that it is strategically manly move.

Last night we went to the evening session at the US Open to see Sharapova/Golovin and Roddick/Hewitt. I love going to the Open, our seats this year were a little better (we weren’t so high up that we could see clouds forming) and their appeared to be more food options (smoothies, crepes, curry, salads, etc) than the usual junk offerings. I still can’t quite get my head around eating a hot dog at the tennis and I even saw a middle aged gentleman alternating between bites of extra long hotdog, salted pretzel covered in mustard and potato chips. It is just wrong, you are meant to choose one of those snack options not all three!   Typically we opted for curry as our pre-game dinner and then a crepe as our between match snack. It looks as if our time in Queens is not quite over as we might be going to see more tennis on Saturday – excellent!


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