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Posted: 08/22/2006 in television

Just finished re-watching the season finale of House. We had seen it back in May, but because our cable was out we had to rely on the kindness of strangers and they were noisy viewers. The first time round I didn’t think it was as strong as last seasons finale but on second viewing I enjoyed it even more.

The premise is that House gets shot (by Moriarty no less), is given a sneaky experimental treatment whilst being treated for the bullet wounds which may heal his leg but at the cost of his mind/intellect, or does it. However, everything from the initial shooting turns out to be a hallucination. This explains why everyone House interacts with responds like him (or behaves how he would like them to), and why his team has the same knowledge has him. What is possibly unfolding is House’s internal monologue regarding the potential treatment and perhaps some latent guilt over his behaviour in general and infidelity with Stacey. Or perhaps I am over analysing…

  1. Daisy says:

    Ah no, I don’t think you’re over analysing it, there was so much in that episode, I wish I’d taped it for a second viewing.

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