Caesars and lychee iced tea

Posted: 08/20/2006 in film

In double quick time all my course material has arrived. Stacked up in the living room I have also sorts of goodies that once digested will allow me to cast an informed eye over the television series Rome. I am hoping to be more organised this year so that my social life doesn’t come to a grinding halt till the end of May ’07, because we had such a nice Saturday hanging out with friends that it made me wish for more like them.

We had lunch in a really nice, yet empty, Thai place and then headed off to the flicks. I lone wolfed it to Conversations With Other Women leaving Alex to see the Al Gore climate documentary for a second time with our mates. Conversations was excellent and worth the schlep to an independent art house cinema. The film is a two hander between Helena Bonham Carter and Aaron Eckhart (both in top indy form) presented entirely in split screen (don’t think Pillow Talk). The two acerbic characters, who may or may not have a history together, and are meeting at the tale end of a wedding. At times it is raw and uncomfortable as you are thrown into their lives with little explanation or resolution. Needless to say I loved it.


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