Ideal idling

Posted: 08/11/2006 in Daily Grumbling

I’ve been feeling out of sorts since Colorado (exposed to far too much sky and clean air if you ask me, Manhattan has just the right amount of sky and pollutants) so in a rare moment of clarity I decided to take Friday off and convinced Alex to do the same. I know that perfection is subjective but today has been a most relaxing, reconnecting to the city and myself type of a day.

I slept latish and then watched, alone, two episodes of Hustle (the Stacey character being my new fashion role model – I like it when she dresses “arty”). After breakfast Alex played Halo and I fooled myself into thinking I would settle down to read War & Peace when I actually ended up reading The Athenian Murders. For lunch we strolled to a sushi place near the river and sat out side. We dined in comfortable silence, each reading our newly delivered magazines (Entertainment Weekly for me and Auto Sport for him), and dined on sushi, edamame and gyoza – delish! A brief stroll around Battery Park before returning to the flat for more books, coffee and perhaps an episode of Life on Mars. Life really doesn’t get any better than quiet contentment (and no ants).


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