Ibsen a go-go

Posted: 08/07/2006 in books

First off can I just mention that I have been dying to use this title since December, when I went to see Pillars of the Community at the National in London. I have been saving it because I have been a bit distracted by you know what. Any how, it was an awesome production and I am not just saying that because it starred Damian Lewis. I didn’t know the plot before hand and thought it was going to be depressing, especially since everything starts to go wrong for the main character half way through. But, deep joy everything turns out okay unlike Hedda Gabler which I saw at the BAM a few months ago. The Gabler production was much talked about as it had transferred from Sydney, starred Cate Blanchett and Hugo Weaving (though since he was heavily bearded it could have been anyone) and adapted by Andrew Upton. I did not care for it, I read the play in advance and felt that some of the fire and chemistry had been lost in adaptation. Oh well, I know I will see the play again and perhaps the next Hedda (would love to see Gillian Anderson in the role) will be more to my taste.

Spurred on by all these Ibsen productions (anyone would think it was 100 yrs since his death or something), and a mention on In Our Time in relation to male dominated drama “until Nora stormed out of the doll’s house” (love that quote from Edith Hall), I finally got a around to reading A Doll’s House this weekend and it really is sugar coated controversy at its best. Can’t wait to track down a production.


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