Posted: 08/03/2006 in television

I think Alex is concerned that my 73% (it is rare to get over 80% in UK under-grad exams) is going to my head and the subsequent cranial swelling will prevent me from leaving the flat. It is true that I have contemplated having my results letter transferred onto a tee, or perhaps projected onto the side of a building (Manchester’s geology department perhaps?) but I really don’t think that it is over the top.

Any how, today was our first proper night back in the flat after Colorado without having any obligations (other than vegging out). I watched Hex (surprisingly good and edgyish) then Inspector Lewis. Oxford murders without Morse, opera and real ale made me feel surprisingly maudlin. That being said it is a strong spin-off (hate to use that term as I feel it drags Lewis down to Joey’s level) with a tortured Lewis and an intriguing, almost a priest sidekick ably played by Laurence Fox. The twisty turny plot was loosely based on Hamlet, there were some nice nods to Morse and I had Michael Maloney pegged from the get-go (well, he is such a shifty feller).


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