Swash and buckle

Posted: 07/20/2006 in film

There appears to be a dearth of blockbuster event type movies this summer. Perhaps since last year was overshadowed by an unassuming independent film it seems rather empty in comparison. It has been two weeks since Pirates 2.0 was released and there is nothing on the radar till Miami Vice (which is a good week away) and the Woody Allen comedy Scoop (but that is not really an event type movie, more of a film with a really cool ghost in it). Pirates is fun, and seems to feature all the Brits who aren’t holding down jobs at Hogwarts. Now there’s a choice either film Harry Potter in cold, damp Blightie or have a couple of months kicking your heels somewhere warm and tropical.

Because it is setting things up for next instalment the film does run slightly long and the plot gets a little meandering. Basically there are two new enemies in town: Culter Beckett and Davy Jones (played by Tom Hollander and Bill Nighy respectively). They both want things from Jack Sparrow and of course Will and Elizabeth get in the way. Johnny Depp is still giving his all as Captain Jack, and obliterates everyone else. Who is interested in pretty boy Bloom when you can have Depp in full rock star slash pirate mode? Far more interesting than any of the Will/Elizabeth plots is Commodore Norrington’s fall from grace (love Jack Davenport), and the CGI for Davy Jones motely crew. His band of sailors have well and truly been pimped by the sea.


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