Posted: 07/02/2006 in film

i left The Devil Wears Prada feeling sad that I don’t own more pretty shoes and resolved to wear strappy heels out to dinner this evening. TDWP was cute but shallow with plenty of decorative trimmings to hold your attention. As with all adaptation there were bits that I was sad they left out, glossed over or changed. It was a shame they didn’t have Andy doing the good Samaritan act with Starbucks beverages or Miranda’s white scarf fetish, and not having Andy flog all her freebies at the end was a bit of a poke in the eye. Meryl Streep and Ann Hathaway were fine, but it was Emily Blunt (as Assistant No. 1) and Simon Baker (as writer slash lothario) who had the most fun with their roles. But, all in all enjoyable tosh.

We are going to see the Al Gore environmental documentary on Tuesday which will probably be less fluffy but hopefully just as inspiring.

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