A summer of lacklustre blockbusters

Posted: 06/29/2006 in film

That is until Superman Returns (I might have a think for men in tights).

Mission Impossible 3 was okay. A ten denier plot, not enough Jonathan Rhys Meyers and too much Tommy boy. X-Men 3 was better, but not as strong an outing as the previous two instalments. The Da Vinci Code was a fun popcorn movie and wouldn’t it be cool to have the superpower that makes symbols and letters glow when you look at them. It wouldn’t be as much fun as walking through walls or controlling the weather but would make you one kick arse scrabble player! Ian McKellen and Paul Bettany stole the show from Hanks and Tautou. In fact they (Hanks and Tautou) could have been edited out and it wouldn’t have made much difference (Hanks’ portrayal of Dr. Bob gave a new meaning to the word aloof). At the end I was left sympathising with Silas the albino monk over Tautou and her little girl lost act. It must be my age because I just wanted to swoop down and give that Silas a big hug and good meal.

Now back to Superman Returns. I didn’t have high hopes and was worried that they would be going over too much old ground, but the powers that be managed to move the Superman mythology on (super-heroes in a post 9/11 world) . The explosions and action elements are intertwined around a story that focuses on the complex relationships between the central characters. i think Brandon Routh makes a better Superman, not just because they scaled back the slapstick that always made Clark too much of a prat but through his calm and centred approach to the role.

  1. Fi says:

    Interesting to read your favourable review of Superman Returns, as god knows these remakes of superhero films are hit-and-miss!

    As a child I was dragged along to the Christopher Reeve Superman movies as my mother had a huge crush on him. I’m tempted to take along to this one!

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