do mosquitos have a sense of humour and do they dream of blood substitutes?

Posted: 06/25/2006 in Daily Grumbling, film

In the mosquito handbook there must be a list of the most amusing places to bite a human. Between the eyes, the end of the nose, or the sole of the foot. I was bitten just below my right ankle and it has swollen up nicely so it looks like I am double jointed. Surely that deserves to make the all star list?

Based on the trailer for Casino Royale it looks as if they have successfully managed to re-boot the Bond franchise, and the new Woody Allen comedy Scoop looks good (Hugh Jackman and Ian McShane in the same movie what a treat). Superman Returns appears to be generated a lot of positive buzz. I can’t quite believe that it has been 19 years since Reeves donned the tights and cape. I guess that between repeats on telly, Louis & Clark, and then Smallville we’ve hardly been free of the man of steel in the intervening years. I am going to keep an open mind (got to support he who brought House to our screens) and will hopefully see it later this week.


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