one careful owner

Posted: 06/19/2006 in books

In an attempt to save a few pennies I ordered a couple of text books for the forthcoming academic season from Amazon Marketplace.  Since I generally buy new I find myself daydreaming about the previous owners. Take for instance my copy of Richard Alston’s Aspects of Roman History AD 14 – 117 a quick flick through and I discover that 4 lines from the first chapter have been high-lighted and nothing else.  Is the book that dull that the previous reader could get no further than page 11, or did they decided that everything is book is relevant and it would be pointless (and expensive) to high-light everything.

Too much navel gazing going on here me thinks, especially if you include the analysis of last night’s dream.  I was sitting my Greek Lit exam and one of the question was geology based! It was a nightmare trying to remember the basics of stratigraphy until I thankfully woke myself up.


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