my weekend in dystopia

Posted: 06/12/2006 in books

I finished Divided Kingdom but it left me feeling disappointed which was a shame as it started so well. As the story unfolded I found Thomson’s prose style rather pedestrian unlike Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never Let Me Go which got its hooks into me on Sunday and I couldn’t put it down. Again it is set in the near future with subtle undertones that not all is what it seems and I had forgotten that his was a book about clones. It is not Sci-Fi but a futuristic topic written about in a Remains of the Day style, and it is beautifully done. I particularly like Ishiguro’s use of words like “donation” “carer” “to complete” that cast a sinister shadow over proceedings. Finally, we rounded off the weekend with the director’s cut of Blade Runner and without the voice over it feels like a completely different film.


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