Posted: 06/08/2006 in Daily Grumbling

The sun is predicted to reappear in a few days time which means that my brollie does not have to take up permanent residence in my bag and people might stop accusing me of causing NYC to have a British summer (aka wet and mixed). I am only one girl, thought it is true that I have super powers (the ability to speed read trashy thrillers and side step piles of laundry as if they weren’t there at all) but even I can’t stop the precipitation and overcast skies that are hanging over head.

In all honestly I like this weather, a great excuse to stay home and read. At the moment I am working my way through Rupert Thomson’s Divided Kingdom which is a rollicking dystopian read. To save the UK the British have been classified by personality type and reassigned to different sectors, families spilt up and what not.  It opens with a chilling account of the protagonist Thomas Parry (as he is renamed) being taken away from his parents and re-educated. I much prefer this book to his earlier Dreams of Leaving, which had a good premise (the inhabitants of a rural British village being held hostage by a tyrannical copper) but I ended up skipping sections that didn’t hold by interest (the parts concerning Moses the boy who got away).


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