Posted: 04/20/2006 in Daily Grumbling

I tried to engage someone at work today on the finer points of Athenian taxation in the fourth century. When I say engage I of course mean pounce as they approach my desk.

– “Can you send a FedEx”

– “Did you know that fourth century Athens had no formal structure in place to track the payment of taxes”

– “No, but can you send this…”

– “They relied on the pride of the wealthy and how paying taxes gave them an opportunity to boast. Not like now, eh.”

– “No…not like now, this needs to go out…”

– “I guess it is because they were able to see exactly were their money was going….a chorus for a festival, a warship or two. And then there was this process of antidosis. An Athenian could challenge someone for being wealthier and get them to pay your tax bill or swap properties..and yes I can send a FedEx”.


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