…I feel like

Posted: 04/19/2006 in Daily Grumbling

I feel like I haven’t been to the flicks in ages, when in fact I have seen a couple of films (V for Vendetta, Inside Man and Thank You for smoking) in the last month or so.

I can understand why V for Vendetta received mixed reviews. Not edgy and political enough for some, and not enough action for others. Personally, I adore anything that contains even trace amounts of Stephen Fry. Throw in a dystopian future, Natalie Portman, Guy Fawkes, Stephen Rea and a selection of other British thesp and I am a happy camper. I am glad that they explained the whole Guy Fawks back story, as that might have confused everybody outside of the UK. I have a soft spot for old Fawks and the very confused way we Brits celebrate Nov 5th. We burn an effigy of him on a bonfire, eat toffee apples, play with sparklers and let of fireworks. So on the one hand we are glad we caught him, but we let off fire works to simulate the burning of parliament cos we Brits are complex!

In the not too distant future Londoners movements are curfewed and curtailed. Shady “fingermen” lurk in a post modern blitz-esque London and even shadier commentators/politicians brainwash the public. It’s all very Big Brother, with John Hurt beaming down to his band of cohorts like Davina gone-wrong. It seems right that Patrick from Coupling is in charge of spin (especially after his turn in Richard II), that Tim Piggot Smith is a very nasty character indeed and poor old Stephen Rea is the brow beaten copper (whose raisin detra is a scene in the film where he sits in his flat and the clock radio comes on and it is a Chris Rea song – how droll). V is the masked figure stirring and blowing things up, he has a mysterious back story and makes eggs in the same way as Stephen Fry’s character – coincidence or not? He gets tangled up with Evey, or Evey gets tangled up with her and a re-education of sorts occurs.

The Inside Man was okay. To a certain extent I enjoyed how the “robbers” set things up and established alibis, but it was all a bit obvious and not as satisfying as an episode of Hustle. It was disappointing that Clive Owen had to wear a mask for most of the film and sported a rather dodgy accent, Jody Foster practically had a golden aura about her and was stunning. I have yet to forgive Denzel Washington for his dreadful turn in the Broadway production of Julius Caesar, so I have nothing say about his performance.

Finally, Thank You For Smoking a satirical look at the lobbying business. Smart, witty and additively entertaining.


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