full of grace

Posted: 04/18/2006 in television

Tuesday is now official my favourite day of the week (he’ll be so pleased). My rational behind this is not in the least bit shallow, I am sure if House was on Wednesday or Sunday then Tuesday would almost definitely still be my favourite day of the week. There is also something to be said for peaking early. The high of House carries me over Wednesday and then quite frankly it is all down hill to the weekend (with CSI to give me a little leg up).

Tonight was yet another excellent episode. The House/Wilson cohabiting dimension was given a rest (boo) and we got to see Foreman’s true colours. Morality and doing the right thing seemed to be the theme of the episode. The medical mystery surrounded a girl who had not slept in over a week and needed half of her partners liver to survive long enough to figure out what was up. But, since she was planning on leaving her partner should she still be entitled to the timeshare of the liver and should said partner be brought up to speed. The dilemma that was mirrored onto the team was ownership of an article that both Cameron and Foreman had written up but only one got published. Sour grapes on aisle one for Dr. C. My favourite part of the spat was when Cameron was complaining to Cuddy about missing out on the article and Cuddy’s riposte of “And? Write another article”. The slap in the face that was needed to put things in perspective.


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