classical clarification

Posted: 03/09/2006 in Me Me Me

I got the results back on two of the essays I slaved over a few weeks back. I did really well, like 2:1 well!!!!!!!!!!! Considering these were my first papers of the course I’m super chuft. Plenty of positive feedback from the tutor, things to work on and must write more! I am feeling geed up and ready for the hard slog towards the first set of exams.

It is just nice to get a pat on the back and know that I have made the right decision. That I am not a complete loon for being a nerd about the Greeks and spending practically all my free time studying. This this is something that I have the potential to do well in if I keep up the hard work.

Crw 0007 So, this will be my natural habitat for the next few years 🙂

  1. Stephen says:

    And the email you were sending there was definitely classics related? 😉

  2. Daisy says:


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