Oscar Ramblings '06

Posted: 03/05/2006 in film

Jon Stewart did an excellent job of presenting, he is no Stephen Fry mind you, but at least he was able to channel his east coastness which brings him that much closer to British sensibilities, humour and off the cuff comments.

Kicking off the evening with Nicole Kidman looking like a tall drink of milk, but semi skimmed rather non-fat.

Yippee, George won for Best Supporting Actor. What a nice warm and fuzzy political speech, and I really really liked his turn in Syriana. He is now official forgiven for Batman and Robin, but Chris O’Donnell is still out in the cold.

Scary hair award goes to Tom Hanks, and least favourite presenter so far is Ben Stiller (who apparently knows no shame).

Flesh coloured dresses are de jour (Kidman, Witherspoon, Watts, Alba, Garner, Thurman ). Was there a special on material at KMart, or did everyone want to come as an Oscar?

Wallace and Grommit rule the skool. Loved the irreverent speech, the oversized bow ties and ones they brought for Oscar. You just know that they’ll be dressing them up when they get home. Years ago when they said “The British are coming”, they actually meant W&G. Peter Sallis you rock and viva Last of the summer Wine and Norah Batty’s stockings. (How awkward do you think breakfast at Bonham-Carter/Burton residence will be?)

Holy cow, what happened to Dolly? Please note the use of swirling tracking shots.

Why when I see Jack Nicholson do I think of Alan Corin? Is it just me?

Now time for the “cute” animated presenters, why do they get the biggest laugh?

Should we read anything into Aniston’s choice of black?

Oooooh, Hollywood’s bad boy from Down Under looking good..complete with kiss curl…but what was he presenting? Best supporting clip in a montage? And the winner is “No wire hangers. Ever”. Hurrah!

How great would it be if one year they broadcast the technical Oscars in full instead?

Even though I picked Keener for BSA, I am chuffed that Weisz won but lets face it she should scratch out the “supporting” bit. Sshhh, we wont tell.

If you were wondering what the new adjective for JLo is, it’s “versatile” – which must be why she was chosen to introduce Crash’s entry for Best Song. Okay, the lame-arsed performance art background is not needed and why did Dolly not get a stage full of transsexuals?

Finally a presenter wears colour, thank you Salma. But, the dress made one boob look bigger than ‘ther. Lop sided is not a good look, especially if you are on the short side.

Jessica Alba is now on the “too skinny” list, and Lily & Meryl looked better (I know their intro to Altman was meant to be rambling but it was annoying and dare I say it too cliché).

Michelle William’s choice of a ochre dress with crinkly neck line was courageous, and dare I say that it was probably chosen so that in distance shots of the front row she is the only one who stands out. Cynical, moi?

One year they will re-title ‘In Memorial” as “You didn’t know they were dead till now”. Does it feel like Shelly WInters passes away every year, or is that just my Poseidon flashbacks?

And yes I am only telling the names of the winners I agree with.

Not a huge surprise that Hoffman won for Capote given how the awards season has gone. But, in my alternate universe Strathairn won 🙂

Crash has picked up two so far, good but holding out for best picture and presenting is Alan Jack.


PS How much of a geek am I? Watching the Oscar in HD with wireless surround sound head phones, whilst blogging and keeping a tally on an Oscar spreadsheet to see who wins the pool at work (not me and will explained why later).


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