correspondence from my brother

Posted: 02/16/2006 in Stuff & Nonsense

I saw this graphic tee on threadless and it kicked off the following email chain**.

Flaming Zinc – I must buy this tee when I get paid

Younger Brother – That’s a shocking tee! Bears would never do that!

Flaming Zinc – So you don’t want one and will I be lynched by a mob of rowdy bears if I dare to wear the tee?

Younger Brother- It will be like the Danish cartoons but the protesters will be shorter and furry

Flaming Zinc – Hehehe

enter Husband – Hahaha! And the protest will consist of a lot of shuffling around instead of stone throwing…

Younger Brother – You will end up with the Teddy Bears Picnic calling a furry jihad on your arse!

Flaming Zinc – I am so buying that tee 🙂 I am trying to read Greek lyric chick on chick poetry and am not getting it

Younger Brother – Sounds cool, what’s the poems about? PE teachers in comfortable shoes?

Flaming Zinc – Older women and girls frolicking in olive oil and drinking oozo

Younger Brother – Sounds like a regular night in the Vanborough Tavern

** In the interests of entertainment the original wording may be slightly tinkered with, spellings corrected and a general culling of exclamations.

  1. You have three-way convos with your brother and hubbie? Man that’s cool!

  2. jennifer c. says:

    Hysterical, and great tee. How funny, you’re the second blog in a row that has written about threadless tees.

    I had no idea how popular threadless had become!

    Yay, threadless.

  3. Alex says:

    Isn’t modern communication technology great? 😉

  4. Younger Brother says:

    Cool, I’m now a published writer. I’m Famous!

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