waxing lyrical

Posted: 02/12/2006 in film

Every few months or so I get a craving for a slice of David Mamet’s distinctive dialogue. Btw ever wonder how he communicates at home?

-Did you do the laundry?

-The laundry, did I do the laundry?

-Yes, the laundry. Did you do the laundry?

I digress, it was The Spanish Prisoner that first hooked me. A twisty turny thriller if ever there was one and then there is the erudite comedy State and Main. I love that his films are peppered unabashedly with nepotism. Tonight I held Alex hostage and forced him to watch Spartan (with only a minor homage to the Greek dudes I love so much) a taut political thriller with Val Kilmer. There is some mainstream Mamet on the horizon as he is developing a tv series about undercover operatives, The Unit.


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