Posted: 02/07/2006 in books

I am rather good at side stepping. On Sunday we had 50 minute subway journey to our friend’s flat for the super bowl party and instead of bring a school text or even Bleak House I opted for Nigel Hawthorne’s autobiography ‘Straight Face’ (a delightful read, btw). This evening Alex is at a basketball game and I am home alone. I am not allowed to attend because, apparently, the ticket would be wasted on me. It is true that I have no interest in the game, I have a tendency to fall asleep and/or make sarcastic comments through out. So it is probably for the best that I stay in. Anyway, I have finished studying for the evening and instead of trying to get ahead and cracking on with something Plato-ish (or Bleak House) I have cracked open Crime and Punishment. I am only 9 pages in and hooked. Perhaps I’ll put on some coffee and snuggle up for a latish night.


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