Posted: 01/26/2006 in Daily Grumbling

I wrote a self pitying post in the office yesterday, and in all honesty when I get stuck in that mind set I need a good slap to help me snap out of it. Instead of asking one of my coworkers to assault me I opted for a 90 minute class with a yoga nazi. She contorted me this way and that, and it was nice to unwind.

At the moment I do not feel like I am giving one hundred percent to any aspect of my life. I think this is something I am just going to have to accept and move on. Otherwise I will waste precious time worrying about what I am not getting done, rather than concentrating my efforts on what I can accomplish (I think I have “wood for tree” syndrome. Quite enough navel gazing for the moment, time to concentrate on my forth coming trip to the hairdressers. Should I get bangs, and switch from chunky blonde highlights to red?


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