celluloid round-up

Posted: 01/24/2006 in film

What is it about tennis instructors? They seem to be a dangerous combination of play-boy and fallen warrior (I am probably influenced by too much Agatha Christie). Not quite “staff”, but still kept to the periphery and looking for an “in”. Woody Allen’s Match Point examines class and wealth in contemporary London, and it does it so well. It centers on an affluent family and the tennis instructor who courts their daughter. Everything is very dark and tangled, and the best of British talent appear have vied for any role (no matter how small). But, the cherry on top is Jonathan Rhys-Meyers who simply oozes across the screen.

In brief, as the sofa and NCIS are calling, a few words on some of the other films I have managed to drag myself to in the last few weeks. Casanova was a light and frothy piece of entertainment, but Venice proved to be more divine than Heath. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe was escapist and did not disappoint (obviously 29 yr old females with Turkish Delight fixation were the target demographic). To me, Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire felt as if it had been through a chop shop, but truly represented the joy that is teenage boys in awkward social situations. And finally, Munich, which I have been mulling over for a while. If the point of this film is to high light the futility of retribution then Spielberg nailed it. The cast gave a strong performance, and I was particularly taken with the naivety of Avner. He slowly comes to realise that his actions will have direct consequences not only on his country and the world, but also on his loved ones.

  1. GoL says:

    Spielberg at his gifted best. Captured the mood and the times 100% I was particularly struck by the absence of ‘bravado’ in any of the killings: no relation to populist heroic shoot/bomb dramas. You get the feeling that his intentions with the subject matter went through a process of evolution…not to everyone’s choice. Apropos Israel – what is the world’s conception of this fiesty ‘super-power’? How many of us realise – given the amount of coverage and religious hate – that it is only a little larger than Wales and unlike Christians and Muslims – they have no quest to proselytize… On a lighter note – thought HP was best yet.

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