no bite

Posted: 01/22/2006 in film

An alternative title for Underworld 2: Evolution would be Regression, slightly more fitting in my opinion. They took a smart, sexy, edgy gothic action flick and turned it into a messy, dumb action flick. The story picks up straight after the end of the first film, but for some reason they chose not to explore the implication of the new hybrid vamp-lycan Michael on the underworld. Politics and genetics on the moody streets of Eastern Europe. Instead we are given a clunky back story involving Selene’s family, the “shocking” truth regarding Marcus (whom I did not care for) Viktor double act, and wait for it Cadfael.

Dereck Jacobi headed up a mysterious clean-up team trailing the carnage, but for me all suspense was lost because he ran his operation from a ship and that induced hideous flashbacks to The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

All in all I left the cinema more than a little disappointed and was forced to bake a chocolate ginger cake to console myself.


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