Little Ms Mylatteishalffull

Posted: 12/22/2005 in Daily Grumbling

Okay, so yesterday I was ever so slightly over-wrought and grumpy. Thankfully I am much better today. Not sure if it is the bumper batch of white chocolate, pecan and cranberry cookies I am baking or the fact that in just over five hours it will be my birthday. Oooh and that little matter of walking to work might be resolved, though Alex refuses to believe it until he hears the low rumble of subway trains underfoot.

One of the weird, but useful,things about living state-side is that in the run up to Christmas/New Year the tv networks only show repeats of the current on-air shows. At first I found this very alien, annoying and completely contrary to the UK. Now I embrace it. Not, only do I stand more of a chance of catching up with school work but we can work our way through our towering pile of DVDs. Currently we are re-watching, for the umpteenth time, Band of Brothers (but, it is so bloody good) and Hustle.


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